Youth Focus

I am a veteran from world war II, retired in 1974. today, i am 85 and very restless. I am no longer comfortable with our ALWAYS- ON -THE -EDGE living and would instantly like to see a reversal of our haphazard state into a normal peaceful one again.As a loyal soldier and citizen seeing the current situation of the nation (with corruption everywhere, terrorist attacks, disaster, strikes, the list goes on and on…), one must ask the question : was the sacrifice and efforts of our fore fathers and countless soldiers and leaders worth it?

Since the 1970’s, I have been writing to the government, giving them suggestion on how to tackle the various problems of the times. I wrote a paper(APPROPRIATE AND METHODICAL DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA) with more than 50 simple practical suggestions and sent it to Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1983 (i.e. 25 years ago). The paper is record with some ministries from  whom I HAVE RECEIVED  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Sadly some of them tried to justify their own programmes instead of studying my suggestions.

All my suggestions remain valid and their implementation (may be through PUBLIC PARTICIPATION) appears to be the only way to redirect our mauled country onto the path of progress and stability.


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