Development of rural areas suggested in my paper ”
Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” (on record with
several ministries since 1983) would have solved this problem .
Subsequently also I have written about District wise ,even-equal
development but our leaders are totally obdurate to practical
suggestions.  They like to be educated about highflown systems of
advanced countries because of their ‘Inferiority complex’ mind-set as
also the kickbacks  that  will accrue to them. So we continue with
lopsided development and suffer.


There are scores of examples of food grain being rendered ‘
unfit for consumption’ in the recent times (only due to improper
storage). Yet our leaders have not taken serious note at any time.May
be, such occurrences have become ‘routine’ and ‘ignorable’  for them
and therefore not worth worrying about.More than half of our people
are poor and destitute but are tough and strong to weather natural
calamities as also accept God’s Mercies in  total submission.


Our leaders have yet to learn about Democracy and their
Duties therein.It is indeed amazing how they have got away with
dereliction of their duties to the Nation for over six decades. It is
also amazing how the Ruling  party and the Opposition  work together
on schemes which would satisfy both sides, irrespective of the needs
of our Nation. We pay for everything  (without any question) even  for
losses on account of mismanagement by the Govt.


In our Governance and Administration absence of ‘Sense of
Urgency’  appear to be a common factor for ‘Planning’ as also
‘Execution’. With specific reference to the problem of Food Grain
handling, factors to be considered would be :-
         a)   Estimated date of harvesting in each area within a given zone
         b)   Estimated  total quantity  and number of collection points
         c)   Allotment to Agencies and transportation upto their  storage
         d)   Further allocation to Distributors ,transportation and
storage well before the predicted period of inclement weather
         e)   Resposibility for each operation to (Appointment and Name)
         f)    Action in case of unforseen contingencies etc


Since my retirement I have written to the Govt whenever I
noticed wrong happenings particularly in respect of our Security and
Sovereignty as also the problems of ‘aam aadmi’ as my sacred duty to
share my experiences during my long service. I do feel bad that my
honest  practical  suggestions  have not been taken kindly by the
authorities, yet I would like to reiterate that as of now, they  are
the only practical methods for redeeming ourselves from the chaos.


Sir, I request you to publish the forgoing matter  in you
esteemed paper prominently so that honest right-thinking  people may
be enabled to take a wake-up call to work for our Nation instead of
small factions or Parties.Thanks.


Tikka Bedi



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