Attitude of Govt vis-a-vis ‘aam aadmi’

          Anna Hazare and the team are not trying to dictate the Govt on what and how to do with their draft Lokpal bill.Anna has acted on behalf of the ‘aam aadmi’ suffering due to Maladministration and Misgovernance on account of rampant corruption.Suggestions made by the public are neither authoritative nor blackmailing but are definitely not beyond Democratic norms.
          The Govt is representing the Public and should not be so rigid and ‘anti-people’.
          Why the Authorities do not consider  ‘that Public is agitating against corruption,( to enable everyone live in peace’) and  ACT POSITIVE to assuage the suffering millions ?
          You are requested to publish the foregoing message in your esteemed papers.
          Tikka Bedi.


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