India in ugly mess

Dear Rahul

       It is indeed not funny that we unearth a scam everyday. Our
leaders never prepared the country for independence. With  alien rules
and regulations as also a majority citizens being illiterates who are
required  to cope up with unfriendly police etc.common citizens have
lived through virtual hell for the last 60 years. Instead of providing
simple transparent administration and a clean governance every govt
that came to power promoted their political party and NOT the country
resulting in unlimited corruption. And also siphoning of huge funds.

       One of the additional factors is P O K .We are branded enemy
no 1 by Pakistan.Not a single leader has even articulated about the
implementation of UN resolution of Dec 1948. In this long illegal
occupation, Pakistan has created unlimited spies and terrorists. I
have written on the subject to P T I as also several PM’s and
PRESIDENTS but regrettably failed to draw their attention to the
dangerous consequences. I feel very strongly that each one of our
leaders is culpable for dereliction of duty as also treason and must
step down to make way for better representatives who we trust will
strive to save the country from total collapse.

       First of all we need to have simple uniform Rules and
Regulations that will apply equally to every Govt/ Administrative body
as also to every citizen. Then we must have genuine representation by
bona fide citizens from each District, at every level of the Govt to
ensure even-equal development throughout the country.As of now more
than 50% of the Rural areas have yet to receive proper planned
development ; such disparities must be removed by top priority action,
and within a fixed time frame..

       As it is, our system of representation is  faulty and
mafia-controlled. Without a complete change we cannot bring-in the
necessary EVEN-EQUAL Development throughout the vast country. We have
drifted almost rudderless for six decades. Our territorial boundaries
are NOT SECURE and more than half the population is waiting to be
provided with clean drinking water as also basic living conditions. Is
GOD alone responsible for the common citizen.

       My paper ‘ Appropriate and Methodical Development of India’
submitted to Smt Indira Gandhi in 1983 contains suggestions which are
still valid today. Possibly, they are the only way to work towards our
real independence. I have sent the paper alongwith a few others for
you to study with a view to appreciate my concern for the common
citizen and our sovereignty.

      Better late than never,someone must bell the cat. Can we put
our shoulders together to try and save the biggest  Democracy from
extinction ?

      Looking forward to better days ahead.Please do send an
acknowledgement . Best wishes. God bless you.

      Lt Col  Tikka  MHS Bedi (Retd)

      Mob 09893006336


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