Lokpal bill : the debate.

       Our leaders as also the bureaucrats past and present, are
totally responsible for the massive corruption in our country. On
being granted ‘Independence’ they did not prepare adequate rules and
regulations for proper governance and administration of our vast
country with diverse cultures ,

They also overlooked the fact that more than 90 % population, at that
period of time were illiterates and would need to be educated  on the
tenets of democracy. Furthermore they failed to Indianise the alien
laws, thus retaining all ambiguities. A GLARING example is our police
forces that are totally anti-public and corrupt. The big leaders would
be taking over ‘Raj  Power’ and they couldn’t care less.

The most hurting sore-point among the failures by our leaders and
bureaucrats is the fact that they brazenly disregarded Mahatma
Gandhi’s instructions on consolidation of the demonstrated patriotism
and the unity among our people, as also replacing of Indian National
Congress with new political parties ; also instructions on development
of rural areas. Subsequently our leaders  widened the gap between the
‘Haves’  and the ‘Have nots’ complicating the  normal  administrative
procedures. Rules and regulations ( with built-in ambiguities )could
be interpreted and implemented  differentially, and without visible

Unfortunately for us, Pakistan surprised us by invading Kashmir
valley two months after our independence and we were forced to fight a
regular war. After fighting for 15 months, we declared ‘cease fire’
unilaterally. U N O passed a resolution on December 31, 1948, and
decreed  Pakistan to vacate the area of P O K. Over 62 years have gone
by and our leaders have failed to get the said Resolution implemented.
Consequently,we have lived through with a lot of avoidable violence
and loss of lives during the last 40 odd years.
       Elected or otherwise, our leaders and concerned
bureaucrats,displayed total lack of political will to implement the UN
Resolution. Consequently they  have become culpable for severe
dereliction of duty and treason ; may be, some of them subconsciously
also promoted cross-border’ Anti National links’ . Obviously, each one
of them  should be required to exonerate themselves to escape the
‘Security Axe’   It is unavoidably necessary for our country to ensure
( due to our open borders) that any form of corruption that negates
our progress must be eliminated , and every leader must be fully
committed to the task.

Soon after my retirement, I submitted a comprehensive paper
“Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” suggesting practical
steps to mend our mistakes and realign the overall development
processes.This paper has been on record with several ministries since
1983  but regrettably has not been utilised. I would like to reiterate
in sincere humbleness that “aam aadmi can be given his rightful place
within a few years, if we care to apply our efforts  whole heartedly
with some suggestions from my paper..

Continuing my correspondence, I wrote to Shri Rajiv Gandhi urging him
to make use of the huge majority in the Parliament and  update all
Rules and Regulations as also remove  various ambiguities  and
irregularities ; I followed up with an appeal to the President, and
got subjected to a heavy security scrutiny most unexpectedly. I had
requested  for an interview which was denied and even a proper reply
was not given to me.Helpless in my efforts, I felt ashamed of being
treated shabbily without any rhyme or reason and accordingly informed
the Military Secretary to the President. All the same, I am not
dejected since I have incidentaly  put  on record the basic ( non
committal  negative) attitude of our Rulers towards the ‘aam aadmi’.

Understandably,it naturally follows that sooner or later our Democracy
could be heading for  another form of Govt as is evident from recently
.mounting scams and chaos thereof .

One more important factor that must be sorted out to facilitate
rooting out corruption is our system of representation .At present our
political parties are ‘Mafia controlled’ resulting in total neglect of
many rural areas.Consequently, no one can fail to notice  that after
60 years of our independence we have yet to start providing adequate
potable water or clean and hygienic living areas with adequate basic
facilities as also schools etc. If the local people were properly
allowed to represent their localities, such anomalies would not
happen.I must invite  attention to the fact that in undeveloped rural
areas, children do not get milk to grow-up on,nor the grown ups,
proper balanced diet to further improve health on their weak
foundations.This factor alone will justify  enforcement of local
representation on top priority and not doing so (for any good reason
whatsoever) could be ‘inhuman’.

I need to mention about the style of functioning of our leaders ; the
blame game has become the standard procedure, wherein all the parties
take their credits while the junta shuffles about and nothing happens
on the ground. However crores  change hands( while the junta pays for
every step of misgovernance and maladministration ) in  legalised
corruption .

Introduction of a comprehensive ‘Lokpal bill’  in our present trying
times is most desirable. Undoubtedly  it must encompass every Govt
organisation without any exception because the current issue centers
around seemingly pre-planned swindling of our National Wealth.
       However, I would like to strongly recommend ‘Districtwise
Development’ immediately in so-far neglected rural areas, under
supervision of the local leaders. This will enable the achievement of
even-equal levels of development in the whole country in the shortest
possible time frame besides curbing corruption.

Additionally “All Rules and Regulations as also our Laws must be
amended laying down ‘Time Frame for Completion of relevant works as
also Deterrent Punishment on default.This step will definitely curb
corrupt practices to a large extent.

I shall be happy for comments which will be received gratefully.

Yours sincerely
Tikka Bedi
( A  survivor from world war ll.Retired in 1974 after 30 years
service. I have been writing to the Govt eversince about the security
of our country as also the problems of the common citizens. I have
written to several PMs and Presidents. I have all the correspondence.)


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