Goverment wavering

As a patriotic citizen and a responsible officer of the Armed Forces, I have written to our Govt, since my retirement 37 years ago.  I have constantly harped on the problem of Non-Implementation of the UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 and the continuing occupation by Pakistan of our Territory for the last 63 years as also the established wide base of  ISI and several anti-Indian factions.
          Due to worsening security of life and property of the ‘aam aadmi’ as also oppressive living conditions and sky-rocketing prices of food and consumer goods, I have started addressing the Press (regrettably without much support so far).
          Most regrettably the  “COULD’NT  CARE  LESS” attitude of the Govt prevails in handling the current movement against ‘CORRUPTION’ exposing the Nation to  possible intervention by anti-social elements.
          Most ‘humbly’ but with all vehemence I request the Govt to tell the ‘aam aadmi’ as to who they are working for and where does the ‘aam aadmi’ fit in the whole system ?  May GOD Grant us Wisdom and Tolerance.
          Tikka Bedi


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