Honourable Ministers vis-a-vis ‘aam aadmi’

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          I have suffered a lot of pain and shame after hearing the over-educated (and may be confused from too many doctrines) Ministers  trying to bully the ‘aam aadmi’
          I am constrained to reiterate following information for their benefit  :-
          a)   ‘aam aadmi’ gives his vote to you and you should be indebted to him for your VIP Rank. Also the trust imposed by the ‘aam aadmi, requires of you ,to sincerely work for his aspirations. And this requirement by the ‘aam aadmi’ is actually the Constitutional Right conferred on you. Please remember NO  OUTSIDER  will ever shower  so much honour on another ‘aam aadmi’
          b)   Usually the trust imposed in you is based on assumptions that you are Honest, Straight forward.Hard working and Truthful, but certainly Not a Trouble shooter.  You are not expected to ‘twist’ the facts to the detriment of the ‘aam aadmi’
          c)   Entire lot of Elected Representatives constitute the Govt sub-divided into the Treasury Bench and the Opposition  Both sides are equally powerful but the Treasury Bench invariably Heads the Govt
          d)   The VIP’s are our Icons and may Not project themselves to be otherwise
          Tikka Bedi


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