INDIAN DEMOCRACY vis-a-vis Movement against Corruption.

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          Over  62 years  ago  I came out of  the Battle Zone after our unilateral ‘ceasefire’ and  the declaration of the UN Resolution of  31 Dec1948.
          Then after completing 30 years of very active service through 7 wars I have retired over 37 years ago It is indeed regrettable that UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 has NOT been Implemented for all these years. Consequently, our Borders have not been Secured  since our Independence more than six decades ago  Why this ‘could’nt care less’ attitude ?   The Govt  (Congress  party under the  total control of Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty) must explain this Severe Dereliction of Duty to our Nation.
          With such a negative sense of Responsibility ‘aam aadmi’ expects this Govt  to stop their corrupt practices and also introduce appropriate legislation to  eradicate the  malady from our Country.More than 50% of our population is living below the poverty line and possibly have not eaten a proper meal and there are a very large number who can afford not more than one meal a day  Naturally, our system/methods of governance need to be made very transparent and  genuinely friendly to ‘aam aadmi’.Hoping for a tumultous change through peaceful movement, only an old ‘Gandian’ like Anna Hazare  could take on the sacred task. Now that the movement has been successfully  launched..Our Govt ought to appreciat the need to bow to the public demand and demonstrate that they are really ‘Democratic’.Will they ?  Currently our Govt is NOT DEMOCRATIC at all.
          Tikka Bedi


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