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Respected Anna Ji
          I am a veteran survivor from world war ll.  I was commissioned in the Navy in Sept 1944 and transferred to the Army(Artillery) after our independence. I retired in Jul 1974 and have been writing to the Govt on problems of Security as also those affecting the ‘aam aadmi’
          I wrote a comprehensive paper “Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” giving 50 odd suggestions which would help realign the Nation onto an Even-Equal Development across the the whole country. This paper is on record with several Ministries since mid-1983 and is still valid today.
          I wrote at length to Rajiv Gandhi who was heading the Govt with a massive majority of over 80% as also to a few Presidents to take neccessary corrective measures . The gap between the have-nots and the upper crust had become so wide that it was imperative to immediately realign our wrong plans. It is indeed very sad that NO ONE among our leaders who came to power ever did anything as directed by our ‘BAPU’
          I am writing to you to indicate my solidarity with you and the “Andolan” .May be, I am too small a fry to give you any advice but I feel it my solemn duty to say the following because there is hardly any logic in what the Govt representatives are saying as also that none of them are sincere to our Nation nor do they have the requisite sense of responsibility : –
          a)   You MUST continue with the ‘ANDOLAN” but need not go on a hunger strike at this stage ( it is not yet neccessary to exert any additional pressure)
          b)   It is more important to spread the “ANDOLAN”  across the Country which will surely raise the pressure several times.
          c)   You will automatically give time for the polarisation of the political parties
          d)   We need your physical presence among us until the whole country is properly woken up.
          If I can be of any service please do command.
          With best regards.  God bless you.
          Tikka Bedi

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