Since our independence, we have had hundreds of elected representatives in the states and Parliament. Regrettably, NOT ONE OF THEM has risen to the expectations of the common citizen of our vast country

Except for messing up a number of metropolitan cities and the uninhabitable slums around them, our leaders have FAILED to achieve the basic living standard of over 85% of our population.- that exists in our rural areas.

One simple reason is that our leaders don’t represent our people and the country – they only RULE. One simple requirement arises out of this situation. Every District in the country must be allotted vacancies for election of representatives at each level ie District, Zone/State and Parliament.

It also follows that every candidate must belong to the District besides fulfilling other qualifications.

I wrote to the EC on 20 May 1999 and also the Presidents of India. I have been in correspondence with many PMs and Presidents since 1978 on various subjects, most importantly, our external and internal security.

In the present chaotic conditions we can get back to an acceptable normalcy only if our leaders are concerned about the country and NOT as they are today.

Lt Col (Retd) Tikka MHS Bedi
Gupteshwar Road
Jabalpur (MP) 482001


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