System for Fighting Terror

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Our system of Governance is based on blame-game tactics and NO USEFULL WORK IS DONE FOR OUR NATION. Additionally,our political leaders suffer from chronic verbal diarrhoea and all that they do is OFFER SICK EXCUSES FOR THEIR MEGA MISTAKES AND CONSEQUENT FAILURES. A very sad situation indeed for us who vote them to POWER.
2 I am a survivor from World War ll and the 1947-48 invasion by Pakistan. U N O passed a Resolution on 31 Dec 1948 requiring Pakistan to vacate P O K which has not happened till todate. This SEVERE DERELICTION OF DUTY TO OUR NATION IS NOT UNDERSTOOD BY OUR ERRING LEADERSHIP. Consequently,the Nation silently suffers the SELF-INFLICTED INJURIES DUE TO TERRORISM again and again.
3 Most reluctantly (but most respectfully to the few leaders who do not gel with the erring majority) I do strongly feel that they are more like a group of hard-core traitors instead of being our Chosen Leaders in our Govt They MUST BE CHANGED FOR BETTER HUMAN BEINGS who would definitely be VERY LOYAL TO OUR NATION and would work for the ‘aam aadmi’
4 I earnestly request my fellow country-folks to take this WAKE-UP CALL SERIOUSLY and EDUCATE EVERYONE AROUND ABOUT THE BITTER TRUTH AND THE NECCESSITY TO BRING IN A REAL CHANGE IN A PEACEFUL MANNER . We must also learn to forgive our wayward citizens.
5 May our Creator grant us Wisdom Strength and Appropriate Guidance.

Tikka Bedi


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