Tikka BediSir, In continuation of my recent letters on Nehru Gandhi Dynasty I would lik…

In continuation of my recent letters on Nehru Gandhi Dynasty I would like to put on record the following information :-
2 Personalities :-
a) Smt Indira Gandhi – Did a lot of good things for the Nation. However, she LEGALISED CORRUPTION by condoning her ministers for their failure to pay huge accumulated tax-arrears.
b) Shri Rajiv Gandhi – Inspite of over 80% majority in the Parliament,
i) FAILED to update ambiguous and anti-Indian Rules and Regulations thereby allowing the shady growth of corruption at all levels of Administration
ii) Did nothing to assuage the suffering ‘aam aadmi’ and the level of corruption touched the high level of over 85% during his regime.
3 c) Smt Sonia Gandhi
and d) Shri Rahul Gandhi Both are holding dual-citizenship and are therefore NOT ELIGIBLE to be our M P s
4 Extraneous Activities : – Illegal and unauthorised export of misappropriated statues and various pieces of Art from temples and monuments to two art dealers in Italy. The clandestine activities were conducted during the Premiership of Smt Indira Gandhi as also Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

Sir ( Above INFORMATION is available in publications mentioned in my earlier letter) Foregoing letter may please be published prominenty in your esteemed paper. Thanks.
God Bless You All.


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