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What is happening to Independent India after the successful “fight for freedom” may pass-off as “unfortunate”. A “spine-chilling truth” is that we were tossed out of “THE FRYING PAN INTO THE FIRE” by the Moghuls (in disguise as Nehru Gandhi Dynasty ) as they took over the reins from the “Crown” on 15 Aug 1947.
2 With an obvious aim of “Rule and Plunder the Moghul way” the Dynasty has defrauded our simple God-fearing Nation.
3 In continuation of my previous letter I invite my fellow country-folks to take a serious note of the following : –
a) Pandit Nehru gave written instructions that Indira Gandhi was not to be brought into politics. However to ensure that her chances of becoming Prime Minister were not jeopardised he arranged a change of name of his son-in-law Feroze Khan to Ghandy on an affidavit without involving a change for his religion. (Subsequently the spelling was changed to Gandhi on Bapu’s advice)
b) Indira Gandhi embraced Islam (became Maimuna Begum) and married Feroze Khan in a mosque in London. There is no record of her reverting to her earlier religion.
c) Indira Gandhi as Prime minister made an official visit to Afghanistan in 1968 accompanied by K Natwar Singh as her staff officer. She went to the tomb of Babur (who established Moghul Rule in India) to pay her Obeisance .She was quoted as saying “today we have had our brush with history”
d) Rajiv Gandhi said in his press conference after taking over that he was a Parsi and not a hindu. It is another story that his funeral was held under vedic rites and his body was consigned to flames infront of the whole Nation. He was a Moghul ?
e) He said in his Independence Day speech on 15 Aug 1988 that “our endeavour should be to take the country to heights it belonged 250-300 years ago” ( Aurangzeb notorious for destroying temples was in power then)
f) In a typical moghul atmosphere of seizing Power, mystery surrounded the death of Sanjay Gandhi and there was no inquiry. Similarly assassination of Rajiv Gandhi remains a mystery with possible involvement of underground organisations.
g) Mysterious deaths of Rajesh Pilot and Madhav Rao Scindia also exercised our Nation for a long time.
4 Requirement of guarding so many secrets as also operate a private political party with a one-point agender (promotion of the dynasty) would need an army of traitors. Cost thereof must obviously be funded by ‘aam aadmi’ Incidentally Congress (I) is the official name of the Congress party and is not Congress National party of 126 years standing as is being stated everywhere..

Tikka Bedi

Foregoing letter may please be prominently publised in your esteemed paper. Thanks.
God bless you.


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