Oct 8

The Govt(Congress) is unwarrantedly blaming Anna Hazare for taking support from RSS etc. All people (and Political Parties) that care for the ‘aam aadmi’ are supporting Annaji in his Campaign against Corruption because it is the Right thing to do today when over 90 % of the Nation is suffering purely due to VISIBLE MISGOVERNANCE. Why this attitude ?
Conversely, from Day-One Congress Party has progressively pushed the ‘aam aadmi’ against the wall. P O K and the fall-out therefrom is definitely an “Anti- factor” but then it is only due to Severe Dereliction of Duty by them that P O K still exists today. ‘Ipso facto” Congress need to tell the Nation as for whom they are working . Is it an unfair question ?
I would like to counsel the Govt (in continuation of my letters since 1978) that what you are practising is Not Democracy by any yardstick. Our Nation has enough resources to run free-kitchens for the poor and bring-back our old glories if we STOP CORRUPTION and retrieve ALL PLUNDERED WEALTH.
All we need to do is to lay-up for a while and restart our PROCESSES to achieve an EVEN-EQUAL ALL-ROUND DEVELOPMENT WITHIN A PRE-FIXED TIME FRAME. My paper “Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” is on record with some ministries since mid-1983 and the practical suggestions are still valid today.
There should not be any ill-will . We only need to care for those who are a bit more unfortunate than us. Shall we start ?
God Bless Us All.

Tikka Bedi


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