INDIA is ONE COUNTRY and needs to be Developed as one unit. Unfortunately for us,such development has not taken place nor was ever planned for after our Independence.
2 BAD ADMINISTRATION and MISGOVERNANCE cannot be TOLERATED just because of the STATE being too big. This is no logic. It is simple INEFFICIENCY. No arguments can justify breaking down the State into smaller parts to obtain “better governance”.
3 A COMPETENT GOVERNMENT would PLAN & PRIORITISE the COMPLETE LIST OF NATIONAL PROJECTS into VARIOUS STAGES to achieve EVEN-EQUAL-PROGRESS (Districtwise) across the whole Country at any given point of time.
4 Most regrettably our Govt (Congress) that took over the reins from the “RAJ” did not do any such Planning but fired every shot off -the -cuff like any Invader. Their one-point agenda has been “To Establish the NEHRU-GANDHI-DYNASTY by Hook or by Crook”
5 Consequently, every STATE HAS PROJECTED ITSELF AS AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY and ‘aam aadmi’ has been made to pay for all the ‘kingdoms’ while working down to his bones and suffering. Today the Nation is already bearing the Cost of upkeep of 30 odd Governments instead of TEN planned by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in 1946-47. No Wonder we are eating grass at Rs 50 per kilo and running our bikes with Petrol at 75 times the cost 25 years ago.
6 Quite obviously we need to “INDIANISE OURSELVES in our Thinking and Actions. Democracy demands of every citizen a PLEDGE to honestly work for the People who are (all Equals and need individual respect but) More Unfortunate than some of us. Due to Bad Administration and Misgovernance the Nation is in total Chaos. We must come out of it Now.. Tomorrow may be too late.
7 Definitely we do NOT NEED SMALLER STATES. We need to UNITE the People into LARGE AND STRONG UNITS that would proudly work together for the Whole Nation
8 May God Bless Us with Respect and Love for Our Creator and His Creations.

Tikka Bedi

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