Nov 4

The current onslought by the UPA Govt of introducing regular doses of “unwarranted economic pressures for aam aadmi” to say the least only proves that CONGRESS :-
a) Under the stewartship of Pt Nehru secretly hijacked the Control of the Nation while taking over from the Raj and none of the leaders could say anything to Panditji or even find out the bitter truth.
b) Strictly followed a one-point agender of building-up the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty without any hinderance
c) Totally disregarded instructions/ guidelines/suggestions made by Bapu (and his team that fought for and achieved for us our freedom) for consolidation and development of our Nation . Infact Panditji even dismantled the good-work done by Sardar Patel.
d) Apparently colluded with “Foreign Powers” and did not object to the continued existence of P O K till todate. Additionally overlooked the activities of ISI (Pakistan Secret Service) and other Anti-Indian outfits.

2 Consequently, from day-one our Nation has been deliberately misgoverned. “Aam aadmi” took everything in his stride and rose to fight every crisis not suspecting/knowing “red-herrings/ spanners in the works” let-in by those whom we voted to power.

3 Now we do know the unpleasant story. We have to put-back the “wrongs” and swiftly bring-in the “rights” but peacefully. I know it is easier said than done but I also know that everything can be done the way it needs to be. We have risen before and can rise again for rebuilding our Nation to achieve an Even- Equal -Development(for each District) across the whole Country simultaneously.

4 There is a requirement of well-qualified people to come together and team-up to honestly take our Nation forward but without disturbing the on-going movement fighting against corruption. May be the Media can start the ball rolling.

May God Bless us with divine guidance.

Tikka Bedi


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