Oct 28

With a view to protect the CORRUPT PEOPLE the Govt has been trying to break-up Anna Hazare’s team little realising that the MOVEMENT has been taken-over by the NATION and has become IRREVERSIBLE. Most unfortunately the Govt P R O has failed to appreciate that their propaganda of childish “Pranks” has boomeranged strongly.
Most regrettably the Govt once again have wrongly tried to politicise the movement and have cast aspersions on various leaders and political parties inrespect of their “Loyalty” to the Nation. This action was totally unneccessary..
Respectfully, I would like to remind Congress Leaders and generally all politicians that it is only due to their dereliction of duty towards the Nation that POK exists today illegally and unwarrantedly. Consequently “aam aadmi” has been suffering all these years.
Accordingly the Govt needs to restrain Congress against causing avoidable confusion and tension to “aam aadmi”
Corruption must be eradicated from our Nation immediately and a united effort is called for from every political party and leaders. Beating about the bush or letting-in “Red Herrings” will only delay the over-due process of properly developing our Nation.
United we shall progress and divided the Nation will suffer unwarrantedly.God Bless the Nation.
Jai Hind.


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