Sir. Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 12:31 AM

POK is supported by the Separatists and apparently Not Objected to by Kashmiris in general ( so it has been maintained for the last six decades).
Every Kashmiri is brain-washed by the Pakistani Fanatics from Pakistan as also POK. Omar Abdulla is one such brain-washed Kashmiri who is also conscious of the Power he wields as the Chief Minister and he is trying to build his vote bank.
97% of 1580 odd complaints against the Armed Forces for misusing AFSPA have been proved to be False indicating thereby the “Heavy Propaganda” that is being orchestrated on behalf of the “Separatists” (by Pakistan obviously)
Without implementing the UN Resolution of Dec 1948 Pakistan has successfully tried for all these years to cover-up their invasion of the Kashmir valley and has Internationally converted it into “A core issue” against India. I do not know about our leaders but I do feel cheated and let-down.
Call it by any name, problems inrespect of J&K WILL REMAIN UNRESOLVED till the vacation of POK by Pakistan as a neccessary step towards normalisation of the whole situation. Let us not befool our Nation on the Failure of the Congress (Nehru-Gandhi dynasty) to get the UN Resolution implemented. Atleast I cannot absolve them of these Mega Mistakes.How can I forget that we were flown into the Srinagar airfield just intime to deny the Pakistani invaders taking over the valley ?

Tikka Bedi


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