20th Dec 2008
Dear Sir,

I am a survivor from World War 2 and retired in 1974. Very soon thereafter I started writing to the government on various problems that needed immediate attention. I started by submitting a comprehensive paper “Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” for taking corrective measures necessary to ensure that the Nation may be re-guided to
achieve the goals set by BAPU to reorganize and develop after our
independence. This paper was circulated to various ministries by Mrs.
Gandhi. Infact i have put up this paper and some letters and a few articles on
my blog “”

2 As a war veteran and a dutiful Indian, I am deeply saddened with the state that our Nation is in and it is time that we, the people, take a stand and say enough is enough!

3 I aspire to educate and guide my countrymen to rally up and redeem our
Nation from the brink of destruction, which we have reached today.

4 It is very obvious (and very unfortunate) that :-
. a) Our leaders have gone wrong from Day One of our independence and
failed to provide fair Governance and Administration.
b) . Initially, adequate home work was NOT done to define DO’s and DON’Ts for appropriate administration of a vast country with diverse cultures and most importantly with over 90% illiterate population.
c). Subsequently, when mistakes got blown up into ugly problems, proper
and appropriate corrective steps were NOT taken in time to prevent self
inflicted injuries build up into total chaos.
d) In the process of trying to develop the country on western norms, our
leaders gradually lost touch with the problems of the common citizen and the
urgent necessity to renovate the wrong projects.
e). Failure to consolidate the Patriotic INDIAN and willful disrespect
shown by our leaders to instructions on the development of the rural areas
by BAPU are actually the contributing factors for the present deep mess we
are in.
f). It is a very bitter truth today that there are NO INDIANS among our
leaders and the common citizen is worse off then he / she was six decades
ago. Unfortunately, our leaders have still NOT realized what harm they have
done to our country and are compounding our problems by the hour.
g) Better late than NEVER, it is indeed time to restart afresh, work to redeem our honour. Only then can we realign our country towards real independence in a proper Democracy.
6 I consider the media to be the last collective conscience of our nation and it is through these channels of newspapers and tv news that we can educate the younger generations of our Nation.

7 I need immediate help from all of you to put across the truth to the honest and
dedicated youth, Inrespect of the short comings in our governance and inapt

8 I have files of all the correspondence i have had with governments over the last 35 years and would be very happy to discuss these and all other related matters .

9 Looking forward to response from each one of you. God Bless Our Nation.


Tikka Bedi


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