Proceeding​s in Parliament on 27 Aug 201

28 Aug 2011

Respected Anna Ji
          I have followed the Movement  from Jantar Mantar and written to you from 15 Aug onwards. Heartiest congratulations for the favourable turn taken by the Govt upto the point of passing the Resolution to promote Jan Lokpal Bill
          They should now appreciate the true values of a democratic organisation and START to work for the ‘aam aadmi’ of our Nation.  However I know deep down in my heart that the Govt will make a U-turn wherever possible in the procedure of going through the Standing Committee I forsee the time-frame for our project stretching indefinitely, Hence this letter.
          When the “Interim Govt was formed Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru did not get the ‘Rules and  Regulations’ modified for Governance of an Independent Nation nor did he raise a new political party as directed by Mahatma Gandhi.Panditji never got down to the grassroot level and was never close to majority of our population. He enjoyed hero-worship and was never tested out by the political system. The bureaucrats carried out minimum neccessary adjustments to the Administration and we have been drifting freely into the chaotic atmosphere steeped in Mega Corruption.
          Since I have written to the Govt extensively  and my suggestions for a rapid development  of the whole Nation are still valid today, I am anxious to show my correspondence to you. I am based at Jabalpur and can travel to any place at a few days notice.
          Wishing you a very speedy recovery of your good health. I look forward to an early reply. God bless you.
          Tikka Bedi


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