Security of our Nation

Tikka Bedi to acph-rb, anila, siddharth, adityabal
Sep 8

Dear Jayarajan
            I am writing this PIL on behalf of the suffering millions, to be put up directly to Her Excellency Smt Pratibha Devi Singh for her serious perusal please.
2          I am a survivor from World War ll. I was part of the forces that was committed to drive back the Pakistanis after they invaded J&K  within a few days of that State joining India in Oct 1947. We fought a senseless war for 15 months and unilaterally declared ceasefire to ask for U N intervention . A resolution was passed by the U N O on 31 Dec 1948 requiring Pakistan to vacate P O K.( Main source of all our troubles)
3          It is indeed unfortunate that after 63 years of that episode Pakistan remains in illegal occupation of our Territory as also names India as their “Enemy No 1” Consequently, Pakistan was enabled to establish their I S I network as also various other Anti-Indian outfits trained for Terror activities in P O K  and deployed in India under their control.
4          I retired in Jul 1974 and thereafter began writing to our Govt on Security problems  of the Nation as also Administrative problems of ‘aam aadmi’.No one could have missed to notice from  late-1950s that ‘aam aadmi’ was beginning to suffer due to bad Governance and deficient  administration.
5          Our New Authorities had not adequately prepared appropriate Rules and Regulations for the Governance of an Independent India with many diversities and over 90% illiterate population.The Govt had Failed to :-
          a)   draw-up plans for overall development of the country as one unit. This resulted in haphazard and lopsided development which did not cover more than half our Nation.Bapu had directed the development to begin from the Remote Rural areas which advice was ignored.
          b)   unite together the patriotic population that had stood-up to the Crown during our fight for freedom. Contrarily we were shredded down to smitherines.which factor weighed heavily against our Re-organisation of States and continues to create problems.
          c)   dissolve the Indian National Congress and build-up a new political atmosphere for a proper democratic development  of an Independent India.
6          In 1978 I wrote a comprehensive paper giving 50 odd suggestions for corrective measures to ensure Even-Equal Development across the whole country in a short timeframe.”Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” is on record with several ministries since I resubmitted the paper to Smt Indira Gandhi in mid-1983 and is still valid today.  Very unfortunately, none of my suggestions have been put into practice.
7          I wrote extensively to Shri Rajiv Gandhi (heading the Govt with more than 80% majority) to update various Rules and Regulations but only faced disappointment.When I requested the President (Shri R Venkatraman) for an interview I was treated to a meaningless bureaucratic exercise instead.
8          No doubt Our Nation is in a deep mess because of bad Governance,yet I do strongly feel that given a fresh and firm resolve we can jointly hoist the Nation onto a planned path of uninterrupted progress .After 30 years of active service(through 7 wars) and 37 years of giving feed-backs since my retirement, I still feel I can apply my small shouder to the Big Wheel.
9          I aspire to show my correspondence to Her Excellency personally as also explain my re-development plans in a very short timeframe. Accordingly, I shall be most grateful to grant me an opportunity to do so sooner than later. I am based at Jabalpur and will need time to arrange my passage.
           Best regards. Thanks. God bless you.
           Tikka Bedi     (mob  9893006336)


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