UPA Govt vis-a-vis Movement against Corruption

27 Aug 2011

          Our Govt has befooled the Nation and did not ever secured our borders since our Independence.It is obviously not a simple question of  ‘Lack of political will’ that they did Not get the UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 implemented in 63 years. Consequently, the Nation is losing hundreds of trained soldiers every year in cross-border mini-battles. Who bothers ?
         It raises a genuine doubt on the bonafides of our Leaders. Is there an undesirable outside influence under whom they are working (against the people who have voted them onto the Top ) ?  It is indeed high treason and UPA must clarify.
          A  Movement against corruption has been started by suffering millions  covering all sections of our Nation, The peaceful ‘GANDHIAN’ effort has so far  not succeeded  to win the sympathy of the Govt who are refusing to even listen to good reasons.
         As it is the Movement was originally started 42 years ago and now the captive authorities are trying to block the introduction of the essential legislation by hook or by crook.for the last 4 months   In the process  74 year old Anna Hazare  was pushed into ‘going on a fast-unto-death’  and  the lackadaisical  Govt  did not positively react for one whole week.Ten days of fasting has thinned down Anna Hazare by 7 kg and the authorities are still playing with  their onholy lies and dragging their feet.
         The whole Nation is anxious for the life of the old Gandhian and praying ‘”Our Creator grants us wisdom and strength to root out Corruption  before we lose our senses”
         I do not think the Captive Authorities can do correct humanitarian actions, but I do believe that GOD will protect the good people.  Keep your fingers crossed.
          Tikka Bedi
          You are requested to publish this letter prominently and urgently in your esteemed paper for the information of our Nation.  Thanks.  God bless you.
          Tikka Bedi


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