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Tikka Bedi


Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 12:36 AMTo: Arnab Goswami <>Cc: anila bal <>

Dear Arnab,
          Pt Nehru headed the Interim Govt and took over our Nation from the Raj. He did not adequately prepare the Administrative set-up neccessary for Consolidation and Developement of Our Whole Nation as ONE Homogenious Unit ;he totally ignored the Directions and Suggestions given by Mahatma Gandhi in this regard. Since he enjoyed “hero worship” most of his colleagues did not counsel.
2        It is indeed unfortunate that even when he Failed to get the UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 implemented and Pakistan misused the POK to interfere in our Administration and Governance, they did not show any concern. Any sane person could have sensed that all was NOT well for our Country but the Congress Party as a whole condescended to join  Pt Nehru and become “Traitors”.
3        It is very obvious that Congress Party with a one-point agenda of promoting the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty is Remote-Controlled by a Big-Authority or even the Under-World-Mafia. Sonia Gandhi is the 9th Most Powerful Woman in the world and this is a definite pointer.
4        Congress Party is holding OUR NATION and the Parliament to ransom having corrupted all the weeker MP’s. They do Nothing for “aam aadmi” and expect everyone to respect the Supremacy of  (wrong-doings in) the Parliament.
5        I am a survivor from world war ll. Since my retirement in 1974 I have written to the Govt on various problems. I also wrote a paper on “Appropriate and Methodical Development of India” and the paper is on record with some ministries and my suggestions therein are practical and still valid after 30 odd years.
6        Too many dogs have come in  and looted our Country and we need to redeem our wealth and honour. I am seeking your help to educate our youth in particular and the sane people of our Nation.
7        I am based at Jabalpur. I shall feel happy to meet you at the earliest. I shall be anxiously waiting for your reply.
8       Thank you.  God Bless You.
         Tikka Bedi
Dear Arnab,
          I know you are very busy but you must be aware of your ‘In-Box’ All the TV progs are trying to solve problems arising out of  Total Pre-Planned Mis-Governance.  We are nowhere near the Solution because we are Tolerant, God-Fearing and Blind.
2        We have a Planted-Remote Controlled  Collection of Professionals who do NOT OWE ANY ALLEGIANCE TO OUR NATION & have their one-point agenda.
3        Till this set-up is physically Removed Our Nation is doomed  and we may soon see a  sad disintegration
4        Please respond immediately. You must help me sort our Chaos
         Thanks.  God Bless You

         Tikka Bedi


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