02-Jan 2012

          From day-one our Govt was Not able to provide adequate administration and clean Governance apparently due to insufficient preparation. Also Pandit Nehru totally discarded suggestions/advise given by Mahatma Gandhi and because of his position not many of his colleagues could counsel.
2        POK came into existence and put a lot of pressure on our Nation, which the Govt coolly transferred onto the “aam aadmi”. This was done obviously not to annoy the good neighbour as also the ” Controlling Big-Brother”
3        By mid-fifties, corruption had taken firm roots in the whole Country. Thereafter the overwhelming majority of the Congress Party managed to gradually increase the gap between the Royalty and the ‘aam aadmi’
4        After three wars (one against China & two against Pakistan) and 20 years of struggle Opposition Parties managed to intrude effectively to ask for a “Lokpal” to check the menace of corruption. So the first draft bill came up in the Parliament in 1968. Since then, till Anna Hazare  started raising the Issue in Dec 2010 the Congress-led Govts had conveniently forgotten the word “Corruption” It had become part of our Rules & Regulations
5        Starting with the draft of “Jan Lokpal Bill” presented by Team-Anna in April 2011 at Jantar-Mantar the UPA Govt has constantly demonstrated that they DO NOT WANT TO BRING-IN A STRONG ANTI-CORRUPTION MECHANISM and have befooled Team-Anna and our Nation by doing U-Turns atleast  4 times. All the same Our Prime Minister incessantly announced that he was committed to bring-in a Strong and Effective Lokpal Bill
6        The ” Strong Lokpal Bill” introduced in the Parliament on 22 Dec 2011 was described as “WEAK” by almost all parties. It COULD  ONLY  HAVE  INTIMIDATED   “AAM  AADMI”   but  DEFINITELY  HAVE  HELPED  REINSTATE THE  MUGHAL  EMPIRE  as  desired and articulated  by Late Rajiv Gandhi in his Independence-Day Speech on 15 Aug 1988. The “BILL” was however passed in the Lok Sabha but Not in the Rajya Sabha  only because the UPA Govt NEEDED  MORE  TIME  to consider the 168 odd amendments tabled by various Parliamentarians (or a breather for the offending VIP’s)
7        Will this Strong Lokpal Bill be seen again and when ?   We can only wait and watch.
          JAI  HIND


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