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Tikka Bedi


Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 12:34 AM


          It is indeed “Not Funny” that  “a  Body of Traitors” has successfully  (mis)Governed our Nation eversince our Independence.
2        I was in the Army before our Independence and took part in the war fought against the unwarranted invasion by Pakistan within two months of our Independence.After my retirement in Jul 1974, as a loyal citizen of our Nation, I have been writing to the Govt on our Security and various administrative problems of ”aam aadmi’.
3        I never suspected the “Bonafides of the Govt” till the movement against Corruption by Anna Hazare high-lighted “Glaring Lapses” as also obvious “Dereliction of Duty” by the Govt. I could not write to the press earlier which would have unmasked the “Traitors”.
4        “Man proposes but God Disposes”, and it is Never too late to own-up and make amends. Now the episode on Lokpal bill has given us an opportunity to realign Our Nation onto the “Path of Real Independence and Progress”  The Govt “Needs to Act Positively” and bring in a “Strong Effective and Practical Lokpal Bill”. However the Govt is only Bullying and trying to Subjugate “aam aadmi” which is wrong and immoral.  As of now, the Govt continues to CHEAT and has unwarrantedly created a chaotic atmosphere.  
5        On behalf of our struggling millions, who have increasingly suffered for all these years during our Consolidation and Development as an Independent Nation like to call upon the Remote-Controlled UPA Govt ::- 
          a)     to come out clean on their Bonafides and Explain to Our Nation “As to why the Congress could not  ask for the implementation of the UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 after the senseless war where we lost countless lives and a bit of our Territory  Pakistan is coducting Terrorist Activities from POK and Govt is Not able to stop them.     Why ?
          b)     to disclose Complete information about the Nation’s Embezzled Wealth and it’s present deployment as also to Immediately Retrieve the same.
         c)     to tell “aam aadmi” as to why the Congress has dragged their feet for 43 years on the introduction of a Proper Lokpal bill and now because of their agitation why they are repeatedly making U-turns.  “aam aadmi” are Not Slaves who can be Subjugated,   after     
       i)        jointly making a draft Lokpal bill  acceptable to both sides     and after
      ii)        giving Anna Hazare written assurances  on bringing-in a Strong Lokpal bill      as also
     iii)        passing a Resolution in the Parliament inrespect of introducing a “Strong Lokpal Bill”       and
     iv)        why the original  draft on “Jan Lokpal” was not put-up in the Cabinet as promised by the Group of Ministers  ??
6        Our Nation must be aware of several such “Global Events of Sufferings and Consequential Uprisings”  It is therefore inescapable that the Govt must make immediate  Corrections in the present Unequal and Inadequate Administration  as also Ensure Really Clean Governance with Immediate Effect.
          JAI   HIND
          Tikka Bedi

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