Indo Pak Relations

Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 10:42 PMTo: “rahul.kanwal” <>, “” <>Cc: anila bal <>

          Following info may please be fwd to Ms Hina Rabbani Khar for serious study. I do also request her to please send me an appropriate answer.
          I am a survivor from world war ll. I cannot forget the jolt 2 months after our independence when we were flown into Srinagar airfield to stop  the Quabaili onslaught. We were invaded without any reason and were forced to fight a regular war.We declared ceasefire unilaterally after senseless fighting for 15 months and approached UNO.  Resolution passed by UN on 31 Dec 1948 still remains to be Implemented.Pakistan has to vacate POK  before any attempt mat be made for finding a solution
          If Her Excellency can get her Govt to vacate POK, I dare say that India and Pakistan will forever live in peace thereafter and may even bring about a ‘re-union’ like Germany. This should at least give a jump-start to her thinking. May GOD give her strength to act in the interest of the suffering millions.
          Warmest regards.

          Tikka Bedi


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