Sun, Dec 25, 2011 at 11:19 PM
          Anna is (NOT) losing support. Congress propaganda is running out of ideas.
2        If Anna is an agent of RSS (who are NOT anti-India) Congress and their allies who are TRAITORS to our Nation (NOT able to implement UN Resolution of 31 Dec 1948 for 63 years) MUST DEFINITELY BE AGENTS OF SOME FOREIGN POWERS. Any Loyal Indian Govt would NEVER unwarrantedly ill-treat the ” aam aadmi ” of a God-fearing Nation  UPA Govt  must come clean for the sake of the Allies and explain.
3        Consequently the Remote-Controlled Govt needs to be Dethroned before they pusn-down our Nation into a position of No-Return and Destruction. Corruption in any form cannot be allowed to grow to take firm-roots in a Country like India
4        It would be better if we can achieve a Peaceful-Non violent Change-Over to a Forward-looking Honest  Transparent Professional Body which will introduce an effective Administration within a short time-frame to enable an Accountable Govt to smoothly function within proper Democratic Norms
5        May God Guide our leaders to solve the man-made TANGLE.
         JAI  HIND
         Tikka Bedi

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