7 Dec 2011
          Among the very important subjects to be attended to during the short session were :-
          a)       Rampant CORRUPTION
          b)       Uncontrollable  PRICE RISE
          c)       BLACK MONEY  in Foreign Banks
          d)       LOKPAL  Bill
          which the Government DID NOT WANT TO TACKLE , besides the ongoing 2 G Scam.
2         So the some-what ticklish problem of  P D I was brought-up and the move has worked like a perfect Red-Herring. So the Remote-controlled Congress(and UPA) and Powers Behind the Stage need not face the day-light for a while. And ofcourse the “aam  aadmi”will continue to face the music till  “GOD  ONLY  KNOWS  WHEN”
3         Let us pray and hope that “Conditions beyond the control of ‘aam  aadmi’ will Naturally Change  like the seasons”(GOD MAY  KNOW  HOW AND WHEN)   and bring us some respite soon. 
          JAI  HIND
          Tikka Bedi

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Deepa Mahajan


Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 4:04 PMTo: Tikka Bedi <>

They are so afraid that they are thinking of censoring and controlling content on Facebook Twitter and other sites. Nothing can stop their downfall. Anything they are trying to do is going wrong. There is a saying in Sankrit ” VINAASH KALE, VIPREET BUDDHI”.


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