Army Row, Will History repeat ?

7 Jun ’12
Hello Everyone,
Our History had been “SET” to be repeated from day-one of our Independence by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru.He took-over the Country from the “Crown” without adequate preparations. He had defied all instructions from Mahatma Gandhi and other senior colleagues and had ” Failed to Lay Down Good Solid Foundations.”
2 Congress party (heading the Captive Govt) had a single-point-agenda of promoting the Nehru-Gandhi-dynasty and so the Nation has only been subjected to Bad Governance and Deficient Administration . Over 70% population is poor, helpless and has to sweat day-and-night to earn a single ill-balanced meal. The middle-class is equally tied-up due to rampant corruption and lack of normal civility. There is virtually no law and order ; we are living in an insecure atmosphere.
3 Our Nation is obviously “Mortgaged to a Powerful- outsider”. Technically, we are a slave-nation and all our leaders are “Condescending Traitors”. They are even Anti-National and Anti-People.
4 The fact that the People have been very tolerant and lived through with “Near-inhuman-conditions” for the last 65 years does not indicate that we should continue to suffer till doom’s day. It is indeed unfortunate that Our Nation is getting closer to “The Disintegrating Point” by the hour and the Remote-Controlled-Govt is totally insensitive to the approaching catastrophe.
5 Our People are suffering from avoidable miseries ( created by the Traitor-Govt) .There is an urgent need to introduce Good Governance with Clean Administration to save them from the impending disaster.
6 Better late than never, we MUST rise to the occasion NOW and ensure that Our History is NOT repeated so soon. Poor Human Lives are precious Gifts from our Creator and cannot be ignored ; they will always require proper protection and it is Our Duty to provide that protection.
God Bless You All.

Tikka Bedi


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