19 May’12
There was an incident in an Army unit in Ladakh ( at Nyoma) which was being sorted-out by the HQ concerned. Apparently no outsider was involved and therefore the local police was not informed. Consequently the “Press” does not come into the story.
2 However, while the Army is in the process of looking into the incident, “Headlines Today” TV has put-out a stinking report based on the “Confirmations by J & K Police” ( who have apparently done a lot of “Snooping”). The TV accused the Army of “Hiding Facts” and “Down-playing the Ugly-story” etc. This is Not Routine Reporting and did not call for use of Strong Language. The Report definitely violated the Basic Rules and compromising the Security of Our Nation as also affecting the Morale of the Front-line Armed Forces.
3 I strongly suspect that this reporting episode is in continuation of the recent spate of Anti-Armed Forces Gimics ( specially against the Chief of Army Staff) to malign their good reputations.
4 The serious ANTI-NATIONAL action by J & K Police and Headlines Today TV NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND STRONG APPROPRIATE ACTION TO BE TAKEN TO RULE-OUT Re-occurence in the Future


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