6 Jun’12
I am constrained to put on record the following information for the education of my Country-folks .
2 From day-one of our Independence, Our Nation has been ruled by a Congress-led Remote-Controlled Govt. After 65 years of fighting-back with the invaders from Pakistan, our Govt has Failed to get Implementation of the UNO Resolution dated 31 Dec 1948. Pakistan remains in illegal occupation of our Territory (P O K) ; Consequently, our Borders are Un-Secured. Pakistan has been and is still training “Terrorists and their organisations for deployment all-over”
3 Pakistan has labelled ” India as Enemy No 1″ and ” J & K as their core-issue ” and we only try to improve our neighbourly-relations as also work on Confidence-Building-Measures etc. It does appear that we have no other choice. Why ? May be the Congress Party can answer .
4 It is an open-secret that I S I (Pakistan) created Jarnail Singh Bindranwale and “Khalistan Force”. Arms and Ammunition as also other heavy weapons were discreetly smuggled from Pakistan across the Patti- Border along-with several “Drug Operators” disguised as “Granthis” .Cheap/free drugs were made available in the whole of the Border-areas.
5 In continuation of the single agenda of Promoting the Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty the “Unholy drama was orchestrated at the Golden Temple” through orders from Smt Indira Gandhi (obviously by I S I). Op BLUE-STAR 1984 was legally mounted.
6 It is crystal-clear that : –
a) “Terrorists” were the I S I and our Congress-led Govt that waved the green-flag.
b) Those defending the SHRINE were the “SEVADHARS”
7 On this note I (a survivor from world war ll) would like to ask my Country-folks to join me in living as “PROPER INDIANS IN OUR INDIA”
May God Bless us ALL.


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