The  whole  episode  has  been  handled  negligently  by  the  Authorities.

2      Mahesh  has  informed the Authorities  several months ago that he and Paes  were  not  on  talking  terms  since  several  months . Also, that  they  had  lost  the  last  four  matches while playing as partners.  There was no reaction/action from  Paes  or  the  Officials.    Why  ?

3     Paes , as  a  top senior player  should  know  his  duties/obligations to his playing  junior partners ; he  NEEDS  TO  GO  DOWN  TO  ELIMINATE  THE GENERATION-GAP  as  also  EARN his  Superior  Status through Regular  Practice Sessions  as also by  Good Demeanour   while  interacting  socially. Paes  had  Failed  to  keep  in-touch both On &Off  the  Tennis Court and  is  FULLY  BLAMEABLE  FOR  THE  FIASCO.

4    Paes  CANNOT  similarly   CLAIM  to  partner  Sania Mirza, specially when  she  has played  winning-games during the  two  last  Tournaments PARTNERING  Mahesh.

5    We  have  to  field  Balanced (and  tested) Teams that will win  medals  instead of harping on non-issues.  Hope  we will  take  the  correct  decisions.

JAI  HIND                 Tikka Bedi


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