Sat, 12 May 2012

Dear Aamir.
I am a survivor from world war ll. Since my retirement in
1974 I have written to the Govt about the “Absent Security” and
problems of “Aam Aadmi”. I continue to write and my Creator keeps me
going on my HOPES. I am now 88 and need some one to lean-on.
2 I submitted my paper ” Appropriate and Methodical Development
of India” to Smt Indira Gandhi with 50 odd suggestions to practically
bring-back our Nation onto the RIGHT-PATH for solving all our problems ;
these suggestions are based on Gandhiji’s teachings and are still valid
today. My paper is on record with several ministries since mid-1983.
3 I wrote to Rajiv Gandhi at length as also to successor PM’s.
Rajiv Gandhi sent me ONE reply but did NOTHING for our Nation. I also
wrote to some Presidents but regret to say that their beaurocrats
apparently did not put up my letters.
4 I saw your show “Satyamev Jayate” and I have found the shoulder-
for- me- to- lean-on.
5 You may like to see my blog – youthalarm. I am based at
Jabalpur and will need some notice to move.
6 When and where are we meeting , at your soonest convenience ?
God Bless You.

Tikka Bedi ( mob 9893 00 6336)


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