Tikka Bedi
                                                                                                 02 Aug 2012

Govt is repeatedly insisting that  Team Anna  follows Democratic Norms in their  Agitation and not resort to pressure tactics like Fast till  —is done  ?
2        Congress led Remote-controlled Govt wants the Nation to have faith in the Parliamentary Democracy and ” Accept  their Insensitive Bulldozing” as the best available Administration & Governance, in the overall Global indices. Over the last year and a half our Govt has only Mislead &  Cheated  our Nation.
3        With top-experts handling our topsy-turvy ecomonics, they have failed to see that 70%  of Indian Population is unable to translate their “Swindling  Logic” into “Practical Living” ;  majority of this poor population is suffering on half-empty stomachs  :  earning in Rupees  and  spending  in Dollars ?
4       Worse attitude is displayed by all our Politicians & Bureaucrats ;  all of them seem to be  Anti-people, Anti-national and even Anti-human being Obdurately Insensitive.
5       By all counts it can be deduced that ” A peaceful agitation offering Human Sacrifices  through  Voluntary Fasting”  is no-longer Necessary.  What  then  ?
6      Team Anna  has done very well to modify “THE PEOPLE’s FIGHT AGAINST RAMPANT CORRUPTION”. Even if Half of the suffering 70% people come forward and “Pledge to Honestly Serve our Nation”  we should have a Clean Alternative  Govt in 2014.
7     We have a year plus to work.   May God Give Us Guidance & Courage.


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