11 Nov 2012

A responsible Govt Officer has consciously done his duty & and in the process discovered drastic irregularities . The Nation should be most grateful to him for educating us on the wrong-doings that have resulted in all the miseries & sufferings by “aam aadmi” since our Independence six decades ago.

2 Contrarily our Remote-Controlled Congress-led UPA Govt as also scores of Leaders (Individually) have reacted with unwarranted resentment in Condemning the HONEST WORK done by the CAG.The whole Nation has heard the debate on the TV Channels for several days and I would not like to soil my tongue in repeating the unholy & uncalled-for remarks etc.

3 Sufficient to say that our Remote-Controlled Govt has not unmasked the real identities of the “Defaulters” but has tried to unceremoniously drag the Nation into their unprincipled-arguments with a view (perhaps) to publicly blame the Opposition (as usual) for the ” wrongs ” that have been exposed. Personally, I am ashamed of their conduct and misleading utterances by our leadership.

4 It is the solemn duty of every INDIAN CITIZEN TO PROTECT THE SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR NATION . Thousands of lives were laid down in the fight for our freedom and we can ill-afford to forget their sacrifices . Majority of the Nation is working against the tide of Mafia-Controlled , Disloyal & Corrupt segment of the Govt only because we are Civilised and do not subscribe to Anti-National, Anti-People & Anti-Peaceful methods of representation.

5 Let us all together raise our voice of concern so that our Creator may hear us & command our Erring Leaders to do their rightful duties to our Nation.



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