Lt Col Tikka M H S Bedi (RETD) 19 jUN 2013

Since day-one of our Independence, NO PLANNING HAS BEEN DONE TO MAINTAIN OUR NATURAL TOPOGRAPHY. For that matter,  for our overall development, a plan should have been made. However  ..
2       Rivers are maintained by dredging the existing navigable channels, which has NOT HAPPENED SINCE OUR INDEPENDENCE.
3       In the hills, river beds cannot expand ; consequently, the ground level of the rivers keep rising with every flood.
4       Resultantly, buildings built decades ago have come down to the river-bank with the rising of the river-beds. The old buildings have obviously not been reinforced at their foundations and have tumbled down, as shown on the TV.
5      Every year, States draw crores of rupees for repair of flood-damage, but only misappropriate or use  such funds for their own projects. I remember writing to Shri Rajiv Gandhi about one such case on 12 Sept 1987.
6       Will our Nation wake up at all ?


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July 10, 2013 · 12:43 pm

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