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           Way back in 1978, soon after my retirement, I presented a paper “Appropriate & Methodical Development of India” to the Govt (shmt Indira Gandhi) with 50 odd suggestions, including one on conservation of mineral fuels and introduction of bio-fuels.
2         Not only did the govt ignored all my suggestions, they have done everything only to hurt the Nation. I dare say that each one of my suggestions is valid today to re-align our Nation towards meaningful development.
3         I might give an example of the hurtful & revengeful misgovernance. In Jan 1948, a pay-cut was applied for the Defence Forces. Current emoluments were frozen & increments were adjusted towards the reduced pay till we reached the new-lower-pay scale.Most officers drew the same pay (without any increment) for several years.
4      Is the congress-led-govt working for the scorched-earth-legacy to poor indians ?
        God Bless Our Nation.  Jai Hind.
        Tikka Bedi  (Veteran survivor from world war ll)

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