20 Oct 2013

          With  Obsolete/ Obsolescent/Anti-people Rules & Regulations,Congress-led U P A, with an Anti-India mindset  is NOT FUNCTIONING as a NORMAL GOVERNMENT.
2        And as  ” Traitors to Our Nation “, they are running a money-laundering business in the garb of a Government.
          It is pertinent to mention that, the present congress party is an extension of  Congress- I  &  is Not Indian National Congress, as all their leaders are claiming.
3        All their “Welfare schemes” have been designed, not to provide, guaranteed reasonable wages,  to poor unemployed labourers, but to siphon-off Public Money into their own pockets. The idea is to cheaply build-up their Vote-Bank, in the bargain
           May Gods Save Our Nation. 
           Tikka Bedi ( veteran survivor from world war ll ) 

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November 24, 2013 · 6:46 am

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