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Jul 7

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In a recent TV interview, Jairam Ramesh had said that cleaning the Ganga is promoting Hindutva. He is unnecessarily trying to politicise.
Majority population of India (Hindustan) are Hindus. Naturally, all their cultural activities are connected to Hindutva.
All our rivers are considered to be Sacred and cleaning up of the Ganga is part of normal maintainence. In fact, all our rivers should have been kept clean for navigation and the preservation of life. (which Congress-led remote controlled govt. failed to do).
Why is Jairam Ramesh trying to start (politically) a fresh controversy? As a minister in charge of environment in the UPA Govt. he should have taken up this project. He is now trying to unwarrantedly interfere with the functioning of the new govt; a shameful anti-India act.
Mr.Jairam Ramesh should explain his motive to the Nation.
God Bless our Nation. Jai Hind

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