Childish Pranks

          Generally, our politicians suffer from verbal diarrhoea.  Someone, somewhere, says something really stupid (relevant or not), and our TV channels spring into action ( to be the first ones to expose / report).  Invariably, they politicise  the utterance / remark( by tie-ing up that someone to some obscure connection ), so that they can, on a circuitous argument (as usual) blame the BJP & their allies, and indirectly, the new Government.
2        Without any rhyme or reason,the media  throws-in a new “Red-herring” to, unwarrantedly, disturb the Peaceful National atmosphere. Often, such media reports are “Totally Objectionable”. Instead of blowing-up these Non-issues, very stringent legal action should be taken against individuals involved, as also the concerned media for an obviously, unacceptable  Anti-National activity.
3      The media has their freedom of expression, but not beyond, conventional limits.  More importantly, the media has the solemn duty of accurate and responsible reporting. They cannot, under any circumstances, disturb the Peaceful Atmosphere of the Nation with “non-issues” ( specifically, the crafted variety of Non-issues ). They need to be educated on their duties to our people, and specially,  about their undivided loyalty to the Nation.
4      Panel discussions make it obvious, that the recently ousted Congress party, still fighting a fierce rear-guard-action, is behind most of these childish pranks. They have already shredded our National Fabric and have destroyed our old traditional values.
5      After several crimes of misappropriation of our national wealth and perpetrating numerous hardships on the poorer sections of our Nation, the Congress Party ( as also the U P A  Govt headed by the Congress Party) must now tell the Nation (after 6 decades of their Governance) as to  : –
          a)     Why U N O Resolution of Dec 1948 was not implemented and P O K  has been allowed to, physically                           become a part of our Nation ?
          b)     Why Haji Pir and such strategic areas were handed-over back, to Pakistan after the 1965 war ?
          c)     What are their Secret Relationships with Pakistan ? India is their branded enemy No 1.
          d)     Do they understand that they are indirectly responsible for the activities of the Terror Training Camps, and                      consequently for all terrorist activities within our Sovereign Territories ?
6      Congress Party would do well to acknowledge that immediately after our Independence, their party-elders committed treason against our Nation. Accordingly, their party had forfeited all political rights, and they are no longer eligible to be part of our political system.  They can, at best, disband themselves and raise a new party ( as instructed by Mahatma Gandhi, then President of Indian National Congress ), if the Authorities  will approve. Currently, the Party and all their leaders, individually are liable to face “Criminal trials, as Traitors to Our Nation”.
           Tikka Bedi


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