I have the privilege & honor to update you with the most bitter & painful truth about our most trusted leadership ;  particularly the Congress party & the bureaucrats.

Eversince the Congress party has been voted out, first by Aam Aadmi Party, and now by the Modi Brigade, our dirty politics have visibly degenerated. Worst of all scenarios are the panel discussions on TV channels, where-in, customary blame-games have only become more noisy and much less logical & even in bad language. Demonstrates total intolerance, by the Congress party.

Indian National Congress was raised in 1885, to fight for the freedom, for the long subjugated, Indian people. QUIT INDIA call in August 1942, by Mahatma Gandhi, started the negotiations with the British Government, who eventually sanctioned, independence for India, soon after the second world war ended.

An interim government was formed in 1946, but very sadly, it did not properly prepare the necessary foundations. Pandit Nehru, ignored the sentiments of other party leaders as also instructions given by the then president of the party, Mahatma Gandhi, and in collusion with the powerful bureaucracy, did a total U-turn.

The interim government, did not, wilfully perform it’s duties towards our Nation. Most importantly,  they failed to : –

a)   prepare ground rules for proper governance & administration of our vast population, that would include crores of displaced people due to the partitions.

b)   update and standerdise various departments for local administration, particularly the police.

c)  prepare a road-map for redevelopment of our Nation.
To Reiterate

Pandit Nehru, SECRETLY, re-raised the old Mughal Empire, with a single-point agenda, to build the Nehru-Gandhi-Dynasty. In the process, he bartered-away our freedom. All his actions,thereafter,were Anti-Indian :-

a)   promoted formation of P O K

b)   gifting to Pakistan, Haji Pir etc

c)   pampering the minority communities, particularly, islamic :-

i)   Sec 370 in J & K

ii)   The Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Act 1951, to facilitate robbing Hindu temples, and misusing the loot there-of.


India is one in-divisible democratic Nation,for INDIANS. Every religion ( is a code of conduct for it’ followers,within their individual rights), but it shall Not be practiced if it impinges upon other people, or the Constitution of India).

After 67 years of dictatorship, Congress party and their allies should gracefully de-link from the main stream, and allow the Indian Nation to properly GROW-UP  in the world.

God Bless Our Nation.  JAI  HIND.

Tikka Bedi (Veteran survivor from ww ll)


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