About me

Born and Brought up in Burma,I came to India in 1942 as a War Refugee, I became a refugee again at the time of partition. My family settled down in Jabalpur since then.

2 I was commissioned in the Royal Indian Navy in September 1944; was transferred to the Army (Artillery) after the partition of the country. I retired in July 1974. Since then I  have been writing to the government on Security of Our Nation as also on various problems adversely affecting our population at the lower levels.

3 I wrote a paper ” APPROPRIATE & METHODICAL DEVELOPMENT OF INDIA “, with over 50 odd suggestions, soon after my retirement and submitted it to the then Prime Minister, Shmt Indira Gandhi. Somehow, she was not able to see the paper till mid-1983. Every suggestion therein is still valid today.


3 responses to “About me

  1. Deepa Mahajan

    Uncle, this is great. You are one of the few voices who are fighting for betterment. I shall send this blog to others.
    Deepa Mahajan Anila’s friend and Gen Gupta’s daughter.

    • Hi Deepa
      Thanks for your observation. I am happy that my blog will be read by well-meaning people like you and do hope that they would appreciate my concern for our Nation. We have lost six decades of good-time for proper-upbringing of our “have-nots” and need to work a little more seriously to ensure Even-Equal Development across the whole Nation.
      Thank you once again. God Bless You.

      Tikka Bedi

  2. Rolando

    Dear Friend,
    You are amazing… True to your words we have certainly lost 6 decades of good-time for prosperity of the young…since Independence. I myself have lost three decades of my life of being close to my family and relatives back in India just to live in a foreign land although my children opted to go back to their beloved country India… Every morning i wake up and hit on the Indian News channel to sour back to tons of disappoitments. Havent’ we have had enough of this???? Why did the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi suffer the humilations of foreigners to rule our land just to go out of his way to drive these elements out of our land but did it do any good but to inhabit a new breed of our own nothing more then theives and crooks worse than what our parents and grandparents ever faced.

    India is a country breeding with a young generation between 15 and 30 years old. Why do we need a bunch of crooks and medivial theives to rule our country? Whatever has happened to our middle class who are now educated, thriving with new found luxuries that never in the history of the country a middle class ever enjoyed. Enough is enough….. The middle class need to wake up and take a stand to erase the bloody damn corruption running from pillar to post in our beloved country…

    There is a saying…… “A government job is permanent till retirement.. but in India it is “unto death”. Recently we have had crusaders like Anna Hajare.. but it does not work when he teams up with a bunch of melodies who look for “Whats in it for me?”. It does not work now will it ever work.

    Facebook and other social multimedia has cross boundaries and created civil revolutions that have changed governments and institutions over night. Why are the educated young generation sleeping? what are they doing knowing well they are being taken for a spin over night. For example… The Air India Pilot Association……Are the young generation still medivial in their thinking……. It has been months now since the uprising against the corrupt Air India management. Why cant the Air India pilots association use facebook to bring the attention and opinions of their countrymen to defeat the corruption Every educated Indian needs a little bit of self confidence and commitment for proper Governance to eradicate corruption. We all need a little bit of CRITICAL THINKING emerging within us and come together as one body to start eliminating this farce especially for the younger generation and make life an emerging prosperity so our children do not have to leave their motherland but remain self sufficient in their own country.. INDIA..

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